PT. Pura Baruna Lestari
Jl. Agil Kusumadya km 4
Kudus 59347
Central Java, Indonesia
Phone : +62 291 444 361-5 ext 1106-1107
Fax : +62 291 444 403
E-mail :


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"Pura Baruna Lestari", is the first Coral commercially-operated cultivation farm in Indonesia as to comply the Natural Preservation especially in Marine Life Preservation wordwide campaign. Established in 2002, "Pura Baruna Lestari" is a subsidiary of Pura Industrial Group ( ) in Indonesia.


Farm Location

"Pura Baruna Lestari" farm is located in the lagoon of Sambangan, one of Karimunjawa islands with clear seawater, protected against rough wind and waves.

Ideal Farm

Unpolluted crystal clear water, rich in nourishment and calm weather make Sambangan Lagoon one of the most ideal places for marine cultivation such as corals, giant clams, pearl, grouper, abalone, sea cucumber, algae etc.